Daniel's Presentations
1985-1986        Electrical Engineering Technology (Instructor)        Randolph Technical College,
Asheboro, NC
July-93        Total Quality Management Award for Cassette Team         International Paper,
Binghamton, NY
October-96        Design Methodologies and Safety Systems (Publication)        Vienna, Austria        
October-97        Paul A. Robert Award for dedicated service to section        Binghamton, NY        
June-99        LM Company Achievement Award for GM Contract Win        Detroit, MI        
Nov-00        Excellence in Leadership through Continuing Education and Training        Santo
Domingo, Dominican Republic        
May-02        Certificate of Appreciation for ASQ Student Branch Leadership        Milwaukee,
May-02        ABET Program Evaluator Certificate        Kansas City, Kansas        
February-03        Quality and You        Dominican Republic        
May-03        Certificate of Appreciation for ASQ Student Branch Leadership        Toronto,
May-03        Certificate of Appreciation for Chairing ASQ’s Section Affairs Council        Toronto,
November-03        Future of Quality and Stakeholder Dialog        Worchester, Mass        
February-04        Six Sigma, Lean and TQM        Dominican Republic        
March-05        Six Sigma Seminar        Costa Rica
February-04        Problem Solving using TQM, Lean and Six Sigma        Nicaragua
February-04        Strategic Planning for Costa Rica        Costa Rica
October-04        Six Sigma, Strategic Planning for Honduras        Honduras
November-04        Binghamton's Impact on the Quality Movement        Broome Community
College, Binghamton, NY
May-05        Certificate of Appreciation for being ASQ Regional Director        Milwaukee,
October-05        Six Sigma, Future of Quality, Student Branches and Hypothesis Testing        Lima,
January-06        From Dream to Transcendence         Monterrey, Mexico        
February-06        Future of Quality        Leon, Mexico        
March-06        Quality Assurance Seminar        Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY
May-06        Problem Solving using Six Sigma and Lean        University Tamaulipica, Mexico        
May-06        Stakeholder Dialog using Café Style Methodology        Rhode Island        
May-06        The Challenges of the Quality Profession in the World Today        Binghamton
University, NY        
June-06        The Empire State Advantage Trained Auditor Certificate        Albany, NY        
September-06        Problem Solving        Universidad of Tecnologica de Leon, Leon, Mexico        
November-06        Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies        University of Monterrey, Mexico        
November-06        CMMI Audit; GCSS-Air Force Compliance Project        Binghamton, NY        
November-06        Open Markets        Dominican Republic
March-07        Strategy Development Using Stakeholder Dialog        Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois
June-07        Future of Quality        Binghamton, NY
October-07        Lean Principles         Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY
November-07        Binghamton's Impact on the Quality Movement        Broome Community
College, Binghamton, NY
November-07        Future of Quality        Binghamton University, NY        
May-08                Certificate of Appreciation for Serving as Reg. Dir.   Milwaukee, WI        
June-09                      CASS Graduation                                                        Binghamton, NY