Leon, Mexico
Sept 21 to 24 2006

The purpose is to provide hope to Leon, Mexico especially the students of the newly
formed ASQ student branch.

9/20/06 The flight

Started the trip at 4:00 AM and Peggy driving me to the airport.  This was my first trip
with the liquid restriction so I was not sure of my packing.

I normally start sketching in the airport but did not start until I was on the airplane.  This
will be an exciting trip to meet and see the new student branch.  There were over 500
people at the meeting.  It was great to provide hope for the Leon, Mexico community.

The trip was long for it took until about 7:00 PM to arrive in Leon, Mx.  This gave me a
chance to sketch a few passengers (thinking).  Alberto was with me so we did our usual
planning to provide hope to the world.

We got to meet Ann Marie Murray the BCC Vice President.  It is great to have support
from BCC.

Carlos and Fernando “The Bullâ€� met us at the airport.  What great friends.

After we arrived at the Enterprize Inn of Leon, Mx there was a get-together for the
speakers.  It was great to meet Armondo Espinosa of Inlac.  Quality professionals must
work together to make this world a better place.
9/21/06 The Conference

During the drive to the Universidad of Tecnologica de Leon we passed people going to
school and work, many were walking and riding bikes.  I need to bring my bike
sometime since Leon would be a good place to bike.

The conference started with me not at the head table.  This was great for I could sketch.  
There were many Educational Institutions signing agreements to cooperate and promote
quality in their communities.  This is great!  Alberto and I have been working on higher
education cooperation for some time.  This was the start of a new initiative.  I was in
tears. (Head Table)

My talk was on Student Branches having international impacts with the people in Leon as
a great example.  There were so many great speakers: Sylvia on innovation, Armondo on
quality being local with international impact (my interpretation), BCC on its Quality
Program, and others.  The symbol of the school is the lion.  I did a quick sketch during a
break. (Leon)

Dinner at Los Villanos for music, salsa and great conversation.  Mine was focused on â
€œdoing it againâ€�.  Evening was in Leon for a walk, song and dance.  (Music 9/21)

It was great to have a little meeting and to remember Hilda came from BCC and such a
great impact on her home.  She is an inspiration.  (Nice)

Late nights are the norm.  Javier Vazquez Velazquey, Sectretaria Academico took the
lead for the evening with great conversation, fun and Spanish Lessons.  For me it was a
time to start planning the next conference.  I got to share my Water State Diagram with
Pablo but I don’t know if I made sense for the Herraduia Taquila.
9/22/06 Guanajuato, Mx

The conference continued but this time with a little more technical content.  I reviewed
“Dan’s version of 6 sigmaâ€�.  There were great questions, so many we just
ran out of time.

The tour was of Guanajuato, a great city with historical buildings and colorful homes.
9/23/06 Dolores, Mx

The drive to Dolores was exciting and beautiful.  We went over mountains and on
the way back, thunder in the mountains.

In the town, we were greeted by a great guide with local educators and a tour
agency.  We toured the whole city.  I was sketching the whole time.  It seems the
revolution started in this town, really on the steps of the church.  I saw the â
€œliberty bellâ€�.  This was probably the bell that was on the church that rang for
all to gather for the independence speech.

Dolores is a beautiful town of great historical significant.

The best part of the day was meeting Carlos’s Mom and Dad in Leon!
9/24/06 Home

It took all day to get home.  It was great to see Peggy waiting for me!!!
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