Daniel's Last Trip Report
Trip Report
ASQ Board of Directors Meeting in Milwaukee, WI Nov 2004

This meeting was an interesting meeting that centered on governance.  There was 6 hours of exercises to discuss this issue.  
In all the following statement was issued at the end of the meeting:

Statement of the ASQ Board of Directors Nov 2004

ASQ™ Board of Directors has embarked on a bold quest to improve and simplify the governance of the Society.  We think of
governance as the entire leadership structure, the bylaws, and all policies and procedures.  The goal is to give ASQ the
flexibility to efficiently, effectively achieve the Living Strategy, to support the Living Community Model, and most importantly,
to serve our members.  At its November meeting the board conducted its first dialogue, as a group, on governance.  The board
very soon will provide details on how all members can become more aware of these activities, and provide input in this quest.

They also provided the Board of Directors with talking points:

1. ASQ is very early on in the board-approved governance charter project and process.  Once the board determines the further
scope of the project, key milestones and the working timeline, member leaders will communicate the information and solicit

2. The board will seek all member leader and member input soon because the board will need your support to achieve
governance project outcomes.

3. The board in its November meeting, had a rich dialogue.  Board members offered their many hopes and expectations for the
project, their headaches and heartburn, and many, many suggestions.

4. The work had just begun.

5. We seek a governance model that supports ASQ’s Vision, serves its members and customers, and enables a more
effective organization-one that anticipates future as well as satisfies current needs.

6. ASQ President Danny Duhan welcomes communications from anyone who has questions or suggestions.

The above is the party line.  In general there was much discussion on the need for a governance change.  Many did not
understand that there was a “problemâ€�.  Some are new on the Board of Directors and don’t realize the bylaws already
cover many of the issues raised.

I have not made up my mind as yet.  It is too early.  The key in my mind is how will ASQ serve its members through the
Sections and Divisions.  I am a believer in the value of local communities practicing quality.  If we simply have a centralized
approach this is not good.  With my experience internationally they are constantly asking for how they can meet locally and
network together.  We must not loose this valuable asset in ASQ our sections.

Please send me comments if you wish.

I almost forgot.  
The Board of Directors approved my Fellow nomination. Thanks to all who helped me with this!!!!

The sketch is my friend Arian Ward.  I did it a few meetings ago.  I learn a lot from Arian and appreciate his skills.