Daniel's Honduras Trip 2004

Trip Report

The last trip was to Honduras.  This trip was
dedicated to supporting CASS alumni and
hopefully for the country to form a professional
organization that is dedicated to the quality

I had the privilege to meet a number of former
CASS Students.  One I remember for he traveled
about 4 hours to see us for about 15 minutes to
drive back again for 4 hours.  I offered him my
room but he had to return that evening.  This was
such a great sacrifice and such an honor for me.

The presentation was in three parts.

Part 1:  Specifically for CASS Alumni.  I explained
the importance of belonging to a professional
Part 2:  I presented the Future of Quality and had a
stakeholder dialog to get the people of Honduras to
discuss the future of quality in Honduras.
Part 3:  I presented some key tools of 6 Sigma with
some advice on each.

The pictures are some sketches I did there..